Movavi Screen Recorder to record anything from Google Hangouts or Skype

Google Hangouts, like Skype or Facebook, is a communication platform that offers its users the ability to receive and send instant messages and make voice / video calls with one or more friends simultaneously. Google Hangouts allows its users to converse with up to 10 other people at the same time, with free voice calls for other Hangouts users and direct call for mobile phones or landlines in the US and Canada, while calls to other countries in the world are charged.

Record calls from Google Hangouts

Everyone can have a good conversation with friends and family through the Google Hangouts voice and video calls. In fact, Google Hangouts users can share their conversation or save a video if they think it’s important. These two activities are related to recording Hangouts conversations and calls. To note, recording Hangouts conversations and calls can be done by two methods; using a screen recorder and using Hangouts on air. In this article, we only talk about using a screen recorder

Record a call from Google Hangouts with Screen Recorder?

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best choices! It is a program to record the screen of your PC that allows you to record Google Hangout. With the program, everyone can record voice / video calls through Google Hangouts on your PC. The audio and video recorded by this program will be in high quality image and sound.

Once Movavi Screen Recorder is installed in PC, user can directly select recording audio only or capturing audio and video from the screen. Easy capture, high-quality footage and lightning-fast processing are the three major steps that represent the overall performance of the software. Available in two versions; Windows and Mac, this software can be used by almost all computers in the world.

After the installation process, the user is directed to adjust the recording parameters. He/she can adjust the recording frame, either manually or automatically. User needs to make sure the system audio and microphone buttons are highlighted in green as this indicates that both the user’s voice and the opponent’s voice will be recorded. 


Starting recording is the core of the whole process. Once all settings are on track then user can click “OK” followed by “REC.” If something interrupting occurs then user can click “Pause.” Once the interruption passes, he/she can continue the process again. No need to wait for the recording process to complete. Once the process begins the user can leave it.

Checking the results

User can check the captured video and see if it really matches what was desired. If there are unfavorable parts of the recording, he/she can get rid of it all since this is a versatile software. He/she can get rid of unwanted parts with the “scissors” symbol. The part that has been cut can be immediately thrown into the “trash can.”

Choosing the format

User can not only record and remove unwanted parts. He/she can also convert the results into the desired format. Once the format has been determined, what should be clicked later is “save” and in just a few minutes, the video will be stored in the desired path.

In general, there are some features that evocate from the use of this software:

– capture video from your computer screen
– capture sound from various sources
– maintain recording quality
– export the video in any format as expected

From the above descriptions, it can be concluded that Movavi Screen Recorder is a program that offers many functions related to Google Hangouts recording.