KFC Suffering from Shortage of Chicken in the UK

KFC has 900 restaurants scattered across the UK and each one has a big problem on its hands. The chain of fast food restaurants was originally called Kentucky Fried Chicken before taking on just KFC and is currently amidst a huge crisis.

Close to two thirds, of the 900 restaurants, have been temporarily closed amidst delivery problems, with the reason being a shortage of chicken, at a chain where the core product is just that – chicken.

KFC, in an attempt to make light of a difficult situation has referenced the old riddle about why did the chicken cross the street. The chain said the chicken has crossed the street but not to go to their restaurants.

The UK and Ireland units of KFC announced they had brought on board a new delivery partner, but the partner has encountered a few problems such as getting chicken around to more than 900 locations,

The chain has promised it would not compromise on its quality, so no deliveries mean some restaurants amongst the chain needed to be closed while others were operating with limited menus or less hours of operation.

Only approximately 300 KFC locations were open Monday. The situation is not expected to have any effect on the chain’s U.S. market, said spokesperson for the chain. The spokesperson added that this was an isolated issued involving UK locations and the company was working diligently to have it rectified.

The spokesperson for KFC extended a thank you to all KFC restaurants teams, who are working very hard to get the chain back up and running once again.

The exact reason for the delivery problems remains unclear, but a UK daily reported that the chain blamed the problem on delivery company DHL.

However, when asked about a potential connection with DHL, the KFC spokesperson declined to comment.

But DHL has acknowledged there is a problem. The delivery company in a prepared statement said that due to operational issues many deliveries over recent days have become delayed or are incomplete. The company added that it was working with KFC and company partners to fix the situation and apologized for the inconvenience it may have caused.

KFC’s owned by Yum Brands numbered 21,487 worldwide as of the end of 2017. KFC stores in the UK saw sales increased in 2017 by 5%.

KFC also announced a new Colonel Sanders. Last week, the chain announced its newest colonel would be Ray Liotta, a well-known Hollywood actor who has appeared in movies such as Field of Dreams and Goodfellas.