VR Online Casino Technology Gaining Ground On Competition 

You can play casino games using virtual reality goggles and you can be sure that this experience will be extremely satisfying. The number of VR online casinos is increasing day by day, and this technology offers more than just a three-dimensional view. Thanks to VR technology, you can visit virtual buildings modeled using real casinos and visit, for example, Las Vegas without leaving your comfort in your home. In this guide, we will tell you how to do this.

Two Glasses, One Budget

Let’s start by stating that there are two types of VR glasses on the market. They look the same, but their features and prices are quite different. You have to choose according to your budget because each one appeals to a different liking. If we were to list these glasses:

  • True VR Headsets: These are the first ones on the market and the first products to come to mind in terms of VR. They have a high-resolution LCD display and the image is projected onto this screen with a special technique. Thanks to the lenses, a three-dimensional image is formed. These glasses have advanced equipment and they can detect the position of your head and change the image accordingly. In the same way, they can perceive where you are in the room and apply various effects. For this reason, the experience they offer is very impressive. Their graphic qualities are extremely high and you can control your character with hand gestures using ancillary accessories. HTC VIVE and Oculus RIFT are among the best-known examples.

Unfortunately, they also have some disadvantages: They need a powerful computer to work. These glasses, which use computer graphics cards, can naturally be used in a limited space. So you cannot use them anywhere you like: You should be near a computer. In addition, they are quite expensive and prices start at $ 600 and go up to $ 1,000.

  • Gear VR Headsets: Developed in collaboration with Samsung and Oculus, they are actually just a “sheath”. So there are no separate screen or motion detector features. These glasses have only two lenses and a section in front of them to put the cell phone. The screen of the mobile phone becomes the screen of these glasses. Simply put, you place the cell phone into this section, towards yourself so the screen is pointed at you. The mobile phone provides the necessary hardware power. This type of glasses does not have a specific brand, you can even make them from pizza boxes using Google Cardboard diagrams.

These glasses have two important advantages: First, they are very cheap. Even the most expensive ones do not exceed 99 dollars. You can also find models for $ 15-20. As mentioned above, you do not even have to buy them: You can make yourself one using a cardboard. In addition, there are no space limitations. Because they do not need to be connected to a computer, you can use them anywhere you like. Unfortunately, for all these reasons, they are unable to deliver advanced graphics too. Graphic qualities vary depending on the processing power of the mobile phone you are using. In any case, it is not possible to achieve a realistic experience, but they can still provide the third dimension effect.

Which One Do You Need for VR Casinos?

The answer to this question will depend on your budget and your needs. If you are going to play PC games as well as casino games, buy a True VR headset. However, if you will only use them for casino games, a Gear VR headset will suffice. At the moment, casino games do not have very advanced graphics, and inexpensive glasses are enough to play them. But in the future, this will change and very realistic casino games will be developed. For this reason, if you want to invest in the future, True VR headset would be a better choice.

Starting the VR Experience

Once you buy glasses, what you need to do to live this special experience depends on your preference:

  • If You Are Using a True VR Headset: Become a member of one of the VR casinos on the internet. You need to download a very large file and install it on your computer. Connect the glasses to the computer and run the program you downloaded. The program will send the image to the glasses screen instead of the monitor. You will use the VR casino website only to deposit and withdraw money. On platforms like Steam, you can also find VR casino games that can be played for free.
  • If you are using a Gear VR Headset: Since you have to use your mobile phone, you will have to download the application from the official app market and install it on your phone. On