Google Sued By Engineers for Discrimination Against Caucasian Males

Senior software engineer at Google James Damore, who was fired over a controversial essay he wrote on diversity, filed a lawsuit on Monday against his former employer.

Damore and David Gudeman, a former Google software engineer are co-plaintiffs and allege the tech giant discriminates against white people, conservatives, and men. The two are seeking monetary as well as other damages.

The complaint of 161 pages, filed in Superior Court in Santa Clara, by Dhillon Law Group, is on behalf of both men. It seeks class action status the three groups who it claims were discriminated against in a similar fashion. The three groups are Caucasians, conservatives and men.

The court document reads that the two men and other members of those groups were belittled, ostracized, and punished for having heterodox political views, as well as for the sin of birth circumstances of being male and/or Caucasian.

The document also says that the open hostility at Google for conservative thought was paired with discrimination on basis of gender and race.

Google’s response to the complaint was brief as a spokesperson through a prepared statement said that the company is looking forward to defending itself against the lawsuit.

Damore, who was employed by Google for a period of three years, was fired this past August just a week after a memo he wrote on the diversity policies at Google became viral. Google CEO Sundar Pichai was quick in condemning part of the post made by Damore.

Damore tried to clarify his views during an interview in which he noted that he was not speaking about women at his workplace, like CEO Pichai had mentioned.

The lawsuit alleges that Google gave bonuses to its employees who were in disagreement with as well as disparaged Damore, maintained internal blacklists as a way to prevent conservatives from opportunities of employment, and did not protect employees who had expressed support for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Gudeman, who was employed at Google between 2013 and 2016, claims he was terminated wrongfully from the company.

He says he was chastised when he attempted to stand up for his conservative views and Caucasian males, by the HR department at Google.

An attorney representing the plaintiffs said that dozens of former and current employees at Google have spoken to the law firm after learning it represented Damore due to having suffered discrimination that was of a similar nature.