American Airlines Says It Now Has Enough Pilots

For all those flying on American Airlines during the holiday, life just become a bit easier. The air carrier and its pilot union announced on Friday there would be enough pilots to cover all of the December flights for the airline despite the airlines’ scheduling blunder.

Earlier in the week, the union, Allied Pilots Association, announced that a glitch in the computer system allowed too many of American’s pilots to have time off in December, leaving thousands of the airlines’ flights with no captain.

However, on Friday the company through a prepared statement said it was pleased that it could report that together American Airlines and the APA put the worry of not having enough pilots to rest by making sure all our flights will be operational as scheduled.

American’s statement added that by working together we are able to assure passengers that amongst the many stresses during the holiday season, worrying about a flight cancellation will not be one of them.

In its own separate statement, the APA confirmed that the airline would maintain a complete schedule for December as planned for passengers.

On Friday the two parties held meetings to discuss how to fix the situation. President of American Airlines Robert Isom participated according to a spokesperson from APA.

The spokesperson said details of the deal it reached with the airline would be released late Friday after it had circulated amongst the pilots.

On Wednesday, the airline and the APA publicly sparred over whether extra pay would be offered to pilots so they would fill in the empty slots in the December schedule.

American Airlines said to address its shortage, that pilots who picked up open trips would receive one and a half times their normal hourly pay. The union, at the same time, advised its pilots not to accept the offer, saying the solution by the airline violated its current ongoing union contract.

On Thursday, American announced that its problem was for the most part solved and just a few hundred flights were still unassigned. The union said that it was still very concerned about the disruptions in the schedule.

Now the APA says it withdrew its grievance after reaching a deal with the airline.

American has approximately 200,000 flights that are scheduled in December and operates on average 6,700 each day.

No flights have been cancelled because of the mix up in scheduling.