Amazon Studios Suspends Roy Price Following Allegations of Harassment

Roy Price the chief at Amazon Studios was placed on a leave of absence effective immediately on Thursday announced the company. The move came after allegations that Price had harassed a producer as well as ignored the claim by an actress that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.

On Thursday a report said that Isa Hackett, who produced one of the shows featured on Inc., alleged that Price made a lewd proposition to her back in 2015.

In its prepared statement, Amazon said that Roy Price was placed on a leave of absence and the company was reviewing its options for projects it has with Weinstein Company.

Hackett has not responded to a message requesting comment, and the allegation was not independently confirmed as of late Thursday. Price was not available for comment.

The removal of price creates uncertainty over the direction of the studio as Amazon is amidst an investment on its video content of more than $4.4 billion for this year, which is the highest ever for the online giant.

The COO of the studio Albert Cheng is taking over the interim top spot for the studio, announced Amazon in its prepared release to the media.

Hackett is Philip Dick’s daughter. Dick is a famed author of science fiction books, whose The Man in the High Castle, was used to base the eponymous show on Amazon.

In addition, actress Rose McGowan on Thursday said via Twitter that she spoke to Price, telling him that Weinstein had assaulted her.

Weinstein was forced to leave his company earlier in the week after reports that he harassed as well as assaulted several women during his career.

In her tweets that were directed Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, she was very critical of Amazon Studios for conducting business with Weinstein’s company.

A spokesperson for Weinstein said that any allegations that there had been non-consensual sex were denied unequivocally by Weinstein.

Price is an integral part of the movie business at Amazon, helping to steer the studio through television scripts that helped to win awards in Hollywood for shows like Transparent.

Amazon is hoping that its original TV shows and movies will attract new subscribers to its shopping and streaming club Prime, while that would in turn entice them to buy more products from the retailer.

Amazon won three Oscars earlier this year under the leadership of Price, though it did not appear at last month’s Emmy Awards which many saw as a setback.