Oracle Guarantees Price of Database Warehousing will be 50% of Amazon’s

On Sunday night, Larry Ellison the Chairman of Oracle Corp guaranteed to offer the company’s database warehousing at 50% the price that is charging. The autonomous database system at Oracle rolls out this December.

Beginning the OpenWorld conference of Oracle on Sunday in San Francisco, Ellison unveiled Oracle 18c, the first database system that is fully-automated that Ellison claims has a reliability of 99.995% that translates to a downtime of fewer than 30 minutes annually.

Ellison said that this new database system was the most important thing the company has done in a very long time.

He added that if you eliminate human labor, human error is eliminated and it said it was embarrassing to admit, but his autopilot flies his plane much better than he does. In the new 18c all administration of the database is automated.

Ellison claimed the reliability of the 18c was better than that of Amazon’s Redshift warehousing, which claims a reliability of more than 99%, because the figure released by Amazon excludes any downtime for adding storage or computing capacity, upgrades, patching, planned maintenance, software bugs and regional outages.

In the 18c, said Ellison, all those instances of any downtime are eliminated due to its automated design. However, the biggest challenge posed to Amazon by Ellison was for cost, citing the automated nature of his system.

The bill is guaranteed added Ellison, and that guarantee is that it is less than 50% what Amazon charges.

The chairman of Oracle said that if you take you Redshift Amazon database that is already operating at Amazon and move it to the autonomous database at Oracle, the company will guarantee it in writing, contractually prior to looking at what the workload is.

Ellison continued by saying the 18c would be available in December for data warehousing. Automation does not stop there. The Oracle chairman said he would be introducing on Tuesday an autonomous cybersecurity system at OpenWorld, which lasts through Thursday.

During the middle of September, Oracle’s share price suffered its worst day in the last four years, dropping more than 7.7%, following the reduced outlook by the company, but most analysts increased their price targets nonetheless.

As of the close of business Friday, Oracle stock is 26% higher in 2017. In August, the company said it was in the midst of hiring 5,000 new consultants, engineers and sales and support staff for the cloud business.