Lawsuit Says Poland Spring is not Spring Water

A lawsuit was filed in a Connecticut federal court earlier in the week that alleges Poland Spring water is not from an actual spring.

The suit called the brand label, which reads “100% Natural Spring Water” a fraud. Poland Spring water is owned by Nestle, the Swiss based confectionery giant.

The complaint is seeking the status of class-action and claims that Nestle Waters North America, the parent company for Poland Spring water is in fact selling water that does not meet the definition of spring water as set by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It alleges that the water in the bottled labeled as Poland Spring water is not collected from any pristine forest or mountain springs as images on the labels would imply. Instead, says the complaint, the bottles are filled with ordinary groundwater that is collected from wells that are drilled in saturated valleys or plains where water tables in those areas are just a couple of feet below the surface of the earth.

None of the natural springs, of which Nestle purportedly uses eight, qualifies as being a genuine spring under rules laid out by the FDA, the suit claimed.

The deceptive and false product labels allow consumers to be overcharged by Nestle alleges the suit.

The claims do not have merit, a spokesperson from Nestle said in a statement emailed to the media. The spokesperson’s statement added that Poland Spring water was 100% spring water and meets regulations set forth by the FDA that define what is spring water along with state and federal regulations that govern the same. The company posted a response on its official website to the suit.

The lawsuit comes as Swiss based Nestle is seeking to expand in the state of Maine, where Poland Springs is located. In 2003, Nestle Waters settled a lawsuit that claimed Poland Spring water was not sources in the deep woods of Maine, according to a report dating back to that time.

Nestle has also had trouble in other areas of the U.S., as bottled water out sells soda as the most popular drink in the United States and as it searches for other new sources of water.

In California, Poland Spring faced a number of protests over its water collection due to the drought the state was going through.

Nestle in North America distributes or bottles 15 different water brands including Deer Park, Arrowhead, Montclair and Ice Mountain, shows a fact sheet for the company on its official website.