White Supremacist Website Daily Stormer Told By GoDaddy to Leave

Daily Stormer the controversial white supremacist website must find a new domain provider after it was given the boot by GoDaddy.

The company through a tweet said that it had informed Daily Stormer that they must move their domain in 24 hours to another domain provider, due to violating the terms of service that GoDaddy domains must follow.

The GoDaddy tweet was made following a request by the founder of The New Agenda Amy Suskind who called on the domain provider to ban the Daily Stormer because it posted an article that was obscene, related to Heather Heyer, who was killed on Saturday in Charlottesville after she was hit by a car that plowed into a crowd attending a rally.

The alleged car driver is James Alex Fields Jr. who was charged with one count of second degree murder.

The victim was amongst a group of people who were protesting a white supremacist rally this past weekend held by Unite the Right, which was organized and promoted with the help of Daily Stormer.

A spokesperson for GoDaddy, via an email, said the company had informed the Daily Stormer that it had to find a new domain provider within 24 hours since they had violated the company’s terms of service.

The email went on to say that if no action is taken within 24 hours, GoDaddy will cancel service for Daily Stormer. Given that this has come immediately following an act of violence, GoDaddy believes the article could help to incite more violence, which is in violation of its terms of service.

Only the domain is provided by GoDaddy for the Daily Stormer and it is not the host for the site, which has called itself “The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website.”

The action taken by GoDaddy is nothing short of laudable, but it must be noted that activists, which include the Southern Poverty Law Center, started calling on the domain provider to cease providing the domain for Daily Stormer a number of months ago.

GoDaddy has joined Twilio and Airbnb as tech entities that have taken action that is aimed at combating today’s hate speech in reaction to the rally held by Unite the Right.

Airbnb deactivated accounts for several of its users who had been planning to attend the rally, while Jeff Lawson the CEO at cloud communications company Twilio said that it would add explicit prohibition of hate speech this week to the company’s policy for acceptance use.