Amazon Launches A Physical Bookstore In New York

Ecommerce giant Amazon opened its first physical store in New York on Thursday. The store which is located at the Time Warner Center, will sell a select number of books picked from among the ones that are the highest rated on its website.

Besides book,s the 4,000 square feet New York store will sell Prime Memberships, accessories, Amazon devices and other products. Every item that is sold at the store will have a rating, a customer review as well how frequently it has been reviewed by others. Cash is not accepted at the store.

Unconventional display style

The books that are stocked at the store are placed with their cover to the front rather than the spine. This is with a view to offering more information and also luring readers with the eye-catching covers. The disadvantage with this is that the shelf stock is restricted to about 3,000 titles. All the titles that are being sold at the brick-and-mortar store has a minimum of four stars out of five.

One other thing that puts the Amazon physical bookstore apart from other regular bookstores is that the prices are not displayed. In order to find out how much a particular book or any other item costs, shoppers can look the price up using their Amazon Prime app. Alternatively, there are price-check scanners that are available at the store. These will display the listed price and the Prime price.

Data-driven approach

The data-driven approach of Amazon is visible all over the New York book store. Selection of the titles that are stocked involves the use of sales records, pre-orders and customer ratings. How popular a book is on Goodreads is also taken into account. Goodreads is a review site for readers which was acquired by Amazon in 2013.

To give its physical store a local flavor, Amazon also highlighted books that were written by local writers and those geared to New Yorkers with regards to the subject material. But unlike other book chains in the U.S. such as Barnes & Noble, the outlet lacks adequate seating area or a café.

Amazon’s New York bookstore will be the seventh brick and mortar store that the online retail giant has opened this year. In New York, Amazon will later in the year open another store along 34th street. And nationwide, the fourth-largest public company in the United States plans to have opened 13 physical stores before the year ends.